Hello from TTSN!

sunflower packet

Thank you for taking the time to visit our welcome site.

We are launching a little campaign to fill Stoke Newington with sunflowers this summer. We have got in touch with schools and some community centres who we hope will hand out our seed envelopes. 

The idea is to plant the seeds anywhere and everywhere across Stoke Newington to bring our community a splash of colour and encourage bees and insects to feast on the flowers when they are in bloom, and finches and blue tits to eat the seeds from the flower heads when they finally die. 

Please take photos of yourselves planting your seeds and with the results and send the pics to us.  We will have an online sunflower gallery showing all your activity!

Stoke Newington already has many food growing enthusiasts who do this publicly as well as in private spaces but we really hope to galvernise people in Stokey to get excited about growing.  The sunflowers are just a start. They are easy to grow and have impact. Next year we will be much more ambitious but we hope that you will agree that this is a fun and easy idea for all to be part of.

If you are from a school or a community that we haven’t been in touch with and you would like some seed packets to hand out please email us at transitiontownstokenewinton@yahoo.co.uk. And please just get planting without us too. If you would like some pointers to local groups that are growing food in the area that are already up and running please get in touch and we can pass on some information.

If you would like some more information about all the things TTSN is getting up to at the moment, when our meetings are, or if you would like to get involved please take a look at http://ttstokenewington.ning.com. You can also e mail us at transitiontownstokenewington@yahoo.co.uk. Very best spring wishes, TTSN